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Administrator 2.0
- A one (ish) hour session with each administrator (30+).

- One-on-one sessions (some administrators weren't 100% sure what a URL was :)

- Chris would frame: The purpose of this session is two-fold...one, to bring everyone's understanding of these tools that we're about to learn today to a basic comon level so we can engage in discussions about their potential value in our classrooms....and two, to plant some seeds that will hopefully take root after we leave and have you asking for a blog or wiki for your own purposes.

- Bridget would then walk the administrator through the wiki that we used to lay out our session

Outcome 1: In-House Blogs
- We developed in-house for a variety of reasons (user id's, user classes, privacy), but this is not necesary to have blogs in your district (edublogger, 21publish)
- Piloted with High School Science before the Administrator 2.0 sessions for anecdotal evidence
- Rolled out to 9 of 10 buildings (10th building came on board when we added moderated blogs)
-Staff blogs seemed to be a preferred method of "easing" into the process

Outcome 2: Unblocked Class Wikis
- Used free wikispaces pages (link)
- Students create user name of JohnS
- Selective unblocking on a wiki-by-wiki basis
- Departments started using wikis for meeting agendas and minutes (elementary librarians)

Outcomes 3&4: Podcasting and multimedia uploads
- Embedded in our blog posts
- Students are initiating projects and forcing teachers to keep up with their needs


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