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What Administrators Need to know about Web 2.0
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Session Number: TH-12
Session Time: Thursday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Program Title: What Administrators Need to know about Web 2.0
Program Description: Blogs blocked? Wikis weaned? Podcasts poo-pooed? Learn about the strategies employed
by a Teacher-Administrator pair in educating district administrators about the 2.0 world and the value it can bring to
your students...both inside the classroom and out!
Affiliated Organization: Mt. Lebanon School District
Session Type: Technology
Audience(s): K-8, 9-12, Administration/School Board/Business Officer, Technology Director or Coordinator/Instructional Technologist


Chris Stengel

Director of Technology
- cstengel@mtlsd.net
- www.mtlsd.org/technology
- www.FarFromBloggin.com
- Twitter: CRStengel

Bridget Belardi

Librarian, Elementary Teacher
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- www.mtlsd.org/foster_elementary/library.asp
- bridgerblogs.blogspot.com
- Twitter: BBelardi